Madkim, since establishment in 1984, become one of the leading companies in Turkish Mining Industry with its experience, know-how, achievements in projects undertaken and reputation.
Our company established its position in the sector by the mining activities which are still operational, are listed below;

  • Magnesite production and export since 1988
  • Aggregate production since 1991
  • Concentrate and Lumpy chrome production since 2006
  • Beige marble production and exportation since 2012

In addition to these on-going activities, our company has iron ore project in R&D stage and sepiolite mineral in pilot production stage.

Our company had undertaken production of iron ore, coal, kaolin, feldspar, chalcedony, quartzite and clay group minerals in previous years. (For more detailed information, you may visit our website’s “References” tab)
Operational product groups can be listed as;
Chrome, Magnesite, Beige marble, Aggregate, Sepiolite.